The 411 on fasting

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What is Fasting

As a popular topic, there is a lot of misinformation out there. At the heart of it, fasting is doing without.

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Types of Fasting

Whether it be intermittent or extended fasting, the different variations serve different purposes with different benefits and challenges.

Benefits of Fasting


Your body needs time to heal.  Fasting gives it a break so it fight off free radicals and other toxins.  This helps reduce dis-ease such as inflammation, insulin resistance, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.


Fasting cannot only serve as a time for healing and detoxing, but particpants and studies have shown your mind and body can grow and get stronger.  From boosting brain function to adding muscle mass, doing without can get you ahead

Weight Management

Part of the increased popularity is due to many diets now embracing fasting, such as intermittent fasting.  Fasting enable your body to move into ketosis as all as helps with restricting overall calorie intake. Both of which aid in weight loss.