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Ultimate Guide to Hot Springs Resorts and Spas

Hot Springs Pool

Hot Springs Resorts and Spas

This guide to hot springs resorts and destination will continue to grow as we explore and visit public hot springs from coast to coast.  Growing up in southern Idaho, we were lucky to be close to many hot springs.  Not realizing we took it for granted, we have refound the benefits of hot springs are focused on finding the very best.  

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Why Hot Springs?

Water is life. And water with minerals at therapeutic temperatures… well, that’s life with abundance.  

Benefits of a Hot Spring

Hot Springs are natural phenomennom in which water is geothermal heat from the earth’s core and spring up in pools to the surface.  Because the water is from underground aquifers, it is often filled with rich minerals. Not only do you get the benefit of soak in warm and hot water, you will also absorb the minerals within the water.

Minerals in the Water

Each location will be different.  The water will be a makeup of the area’s unique geological makeup.  Often you will water high in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc, and even arsenic and lithium. Because of the mineral content, the water is alkaline. Bathing in alkaline water has been shown to improve skin health and soothe dry and irritated skin.

What to expect

Because of the high mineral content, the water will feel soft and a little bit thicker. Depending on the type of minerals present, there may be some odor to the water. For the most part, the water will not be treated with any chemicals. Most locations either have their pools running with constantly flowing water from the wells or drain and clean the pools daily. 

Temperatures will vary by location as well.  Usually temperatures are between 96 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Some resorts will offering varying degrees so you can mix up your experience.  There are a few that the water comes out of the earth so hot, they’ll need to cool the water down to a tolerable level. 

After a day of soaking, do expect to feel very relaxed.  This is a different type of soak than what you will receive from a home or gym spa.  There are no jets but the mineral, untreated water provides numerous benefits.  Prepare to have one of the best sleeps of your life after a long day of soaking with a general feeling of wellness that lasts about a week.

What to bring

There are two main types of hot springs.  Ones that are natural and undeveloped and ones that have been developed and have facilities either run by a pirvate company or in some cases a public park system.  The undeveloped ones usually require hiking into a relatively remote location.  These are unmanaged.  For the most part we will talk about the managed locaitons which offer facilities since they are more accessible to everyone.  They will require an entrance fee of some sort.


Some facilities offer towels and robes for the day.  If the place has spa services, robes are usually included for your use with purchase of the service.  If you aren’t sure, having a robe is nice for walking around.  Extra towles are never a bad idea either.  Bring plenty of water. You do not want to get dehydrated.  Also, bring water shoes such as flip-flops or slides.  Depending on the facility they may not accept credit cards or they may be cash free.  Some have gift shops and cafes or other concessions, some don’t. Many also require eservations especially on weekends.

Directory of Hot Springs

California Hot Springs

With its abundance of tectonic activity, it should be no surprise the California is ripe with hot springs locations.

Idaho Hot Springs

  • Miracle Hot Springs
  • Lava Hot Springs

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Oregon Hot Springs

Washington Hot Springs

New Mexico Hot Springs

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